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Complete Solution on Android, every sales employee record management, location tracing, Order management, We have special meeting, Calls, Notes and Documents management version where lead wise record maintenance. Complete web based solution and mobile responsive page make the solution easy and reliable for outside employee working across the location. The Accounts and Opportunity have made role wise access where every user is define for Save , update and Delete Operation accountable. Sales Executive Records there Ledger and Client wise reports make CRM unique with Industry. Client relationships are the heart of business success, then the CRM is the heart of a company's life being. As such, Customer Relationship Management is best suited to help businesses use executive, processes, and technology to gain insight into the behavior and value of customers. Our Android Application gives special Location Tracing facility to know the correct status of executive.

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Features and Benefits

Analytics - We have special Analytics management to process of studying, handling and representing data in various graphical formats such as charts, tables, trends, etc., in order to observe customer trends.

Business Reporting - customized Business Reporting includes accurate reports of sales, customer care, and marketing wise summary and detail reports.

Client Service - Client Service involves collecting and sending the following customer-related information to the concerned department via e mail and whenever requires - Personal information such as name, address. Previous Order patterns. Requirements and preferences for particular Stock and monthly requirement. Complaints and suggestions.

Sales Force Automation - It includes forecasting, recording sales, and keeping a track of the potential interactions.

Customer Satisfaction - customers remain loyal to the business and spread good word-of-mouth as system allows user to get in touch with management. This can be accomplished by mobile platforms for complaints , ordering stock.

Expand the Client Base - Creates prospective customers who are yet to convert from leads. It helps creating and managing a huge customer base that has not able to process manually.

Enhance Business - To close more deals, increase sales, improve Order processing, and suggestion selling. Create new sales opportunities and thus helps in increasing business revenue.

Workforce Productivity - Create organized manners of working for sales and sales management staff . The sales staff can view customer’s contact information, follow up via email , manage tasks, and track the salesperson’s performance. The salespersons can address the customer inquiries speedily and resolve their problems even at available at location.